Vacationing? How Home Security Can Put You at Ease

We all deserve a chance to escape and enjoy some serious rest and relaxation, especially during these school holidays. The idea of taking some time to spend with family, play on the beach, or just get away from it all is tempting. Who couldn’t use a break from the worries and stresses of life? 
Unfortunately, we have all heard at least one horror story about homes being broken into while the family was away on vacation. It is hard to imagine a worse ending to a week of fun than returning to a home that has been broken into and ransacked. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to “vacation-proof” your home before you set out that can give you some peace of mind. Here are some suggestions. 

Install a Security System 

At Speedy Home Security , we are committed to providing your home with top of the line custom security. Our consultants can work with you and determine what your family and home’s needs are. Then we design a custom solution for you. Some families decide PIR Sensor alarms while others go for the more comprehensive package that includes surveillance cameras, wireless access, and even 24/7 monitoring. Having a security system is a major deterrent for burglars who are looking for a home that may be easy to enter. 

Install Automated Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

One of the major giveaways to criminals that a homeowner is away on vacation is that the house does not look lived in. Lighting can be a method to fool a passerby into thinking you are at home. Motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home is a great place to start. Even now Days DIY smart light avaliable you can put at your entrence and control form touyr smart phone to turn on and off ant any time that looks some some is staying in home.

Don’t Advertise Your Trip

We know it is tempting to tell everyone you know about your upcoming plans, but wait until after the vacation. Only tell a few select friends and neighbors about your plans. Do NOT tell people on social media or “check in” to a resort hotel on SnapChat, Instagram or Facebook. That is dangerous. Wait until you have arrived home to download photos and tell everyone all about it. 

Do you need help securing your home for your next vacation? Call Speedy Home Security  and talk to one of our specialists today. Call us at 0434 744  434 or visit our website 


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