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Dose Master User Code Sharing put your home or business security on risk.

Has a trusted visitor to your home ever shared your Home Security system's  disarm code with anyone? Would an employee at your business ever "lend" their code to a co-worker for convenience sake?  We hope not. But if they did, how long would it take you to know?  Like most security risks, user code sharing can happen for many reasons, ranging from the careless to the criminal. Whatever the user's intention, however, it's important that you stop it happening.  The problem is that user code sharing can be hard to spot if you're not looking out for it. It is not safe for you to sharing code with too many people.  The best way to stop this is to create new user code for timeline set on it that it workis for one day or two days than it will expires. and always when creating new user code never give that code admin promissions such  modify any system command. At speedy home security we always take care of customers amd on their request we create new limited acce
Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch 3 x Bosch Blue line Hardwired movement detectors (PIRs) 1 x External 'Classic' style or 'Slimline' siren with blue strobe 1x Internal siren 1x Internal siren Power pack & backup battery LCD Icon Keypad Cables and connectors 24 Months WARRANTY on all parts & labour

Do You Need Home Security System ?

 The Answer to this Question is depends on your circumstances, But most of the cases you can see you neighbours  around for any house break-ins or any other sort or crime happed in your neighbour.  Specially now days no house is safe in Melbourne without home security equipment installed. the crime rate in Melbourne goes high and high every day. The intruders are making new and new ways to do home break-ins and steeling.  From my knowledge the home with home security installed has less chances of burglar, because if the alarm in home is Alarmed and any of the sensor detect the moment than it will trigger the alarm and the alarm goes off and if the alarm is connected to your landline than it will call on the programmed number within 1mintue, you know some thing is wrong inside you home and you can take next step to prevent the mis-happening for example by calling your neighbours   for lookup for home or can call police for safety.  So the answer is yes home se